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Are construction code violations a serious matter?

You bet they are… People call me all the time to ask me about the severity of the changes they made to their properties without permits. There’s no such a thing as a free lunch, people…It is cheaper to hire a consultant to prepare plans for a remodel or addition to your home than to […]

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Where to go for research

There are two main resources for research you can easily get access to: The City and County Building Departments have microfiche documents that you can review to find out more about the property in question. For instance, at the City of San Diego Building Department, they have a Records Office on the second floor where […]

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Changes during construction

Be very careful when you or your contractor make changes on the site As a professional dedicated to serving my clients, I do not seem to ever be prepared to watch the homeowners turn on me and the other consultants to side with their contractors. It is amazing to me how blind and deaf homeowners […]

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