– Mission Hills Residence


Original house

Original house: 978 Sq. Ft. The original house was built in 1915.  The difficult lot in a pie shape was originally 3,883 Sq. Ft. but because the owner bought the lot next door after construction started, the lot size grew to be 4,129 Sq. Ft. after a later subdivision. Due to the elevation drop of over 20 feet from the front elevation to the back elevation, the owner decided to create a lower level that could not be seen from the street. The project presented a lot of difficulties due to the lot shape restrictions, the sensitive vegetation on the lot and the city requirements. The final house was a 3-story 2,729 Sq. Ft. house.

These were the 3D views prepared for the client as the proposed schematic  design.

Blake 1_opt

Front Elevation

Blake 2_opt

Back Elevation

Front Elevation (lower level is not visible from the street)

Master Bedroom Deck (with Dining/Kitchen Deck above)

 Interior views:

Living Room


Looking into Kitchen from Dining

Looking toward Dining from Kitchen

Master Bathroom Sinks and Tub

2nd Story Art Studio

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