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Our custom design firm is based in San Diego, California and we specialize in all types of residential projects including remodels and additions, we solve Code Enforcement Violation Cases, we inspect and determine construction defects, and we also specialize in Tenant Improvement project. We handle medium to large size projects. See our portfolio.

Services we provide:

  • Preparation of As-Built Drawings

picture-022_optOnce the scope of work is set and we start working on the project, the first thing we do is prepare the basis for the design layouts: the As-Built Drawings. As-Built Drawings are plans that reflect the existing dwelling with all the information necessary to prepare construction documents for permits. We visit the site, measure and locate the dwelling and surrounding items such as easements, sidewalks, utility poles, etc., take photos inside and outside the dwelling, and collect all the information necessary to show on the plans as required by the building department.

Then the As-Built Drawings are prepared based on that information and once they are complete, we are ready to start working on the design layouts based on the scope of work originally discussed with the owners and described on our agreement.

  • Preparation of 3 different Design Solutions based on life style, budget and City/County requirements for the owner to choose from
  • Complete City and County research on Property

We work very closely with the owners to make sure our design layouts are based on their needs. Once we gather all the information on what the owners want, we start to work on the design layouts, always taking into account the restrictions the lot might present. Such restrictions depend on the Municipal Code (height limitations, sensitive vegetation, zoning, etc.) During this design phase we research the property at the City and County offices to make sure we have all the information we need to acquire a construction permit. We do not start the preparation of the design layouts until we have all the information we need from the building department and county offices.

In order for the owners to have choices, we provide in our price the development of 3 different design layouts for them to pick from. These 3 layouts are based on what we understand the owners need. They might choose one of them, all of them or none of them, in which case we would rely on their ideas to develop  more layouts. The first 3 layouts usually provide a wide range of options and since we develop those 3 layouts based on what they originally said they wanted, the 3 layouts are usually enough for them to choose a route.   gwin-final-3d-1_opt

  • 3D views of proposed solutions

During the design layouts development we provide interior and exterior 3D views of the layouts for easy understanding. The 3Ds are excellent tools to show the owners the volume of the design and they are perfect for those owners who find reading plans a little bit difficult.  Once the owners have picked a layout, the 3Ds become more detailed.

  • Complete Construction Package for City/County Submittal

Once the design layout is complete, the owners must sign and approve the chosen layout for us to start the construction documents preparation. This approved design layout includes everything on the the plans and the elevations. Major changes are usually made until this point. Once we start the construction documents, the structural engineer gets involved and making changes can become expensive since the structure for the project is being designed based on the approved design layout.stark-so-elev-blu_opt

  • Consultant Referrals (Engineers, Energy Consultants, Landscape Designers, Interior Designer)

We have a list of consultants we work closely with and who we recommend but if the homeowners have their own consultants who they want to use, we are happy to accommodate them.

  • Answers to the Civil Penalty Notice and Order from the Code Enforcement

penalty-order_optOne of the issues many homeowners have is the fact that their properties have or have had code violation cases open at the City or County offices that were never resolved because the homeowners did not know about them when they purchased the property or simply because they did not know what to do about them. We specialize in solving code violation cases and for many years we have closed the cases with the City and County offices with no problem, so that is part of our scope if that is your case.


Our projects are always approved, no matter how difficult or complicated they are. You can rest assured that our set of plans will be stamped and approved by all the City/County Building departments by the time we are done with the submittal process. There is no project too difficult for us. All the revisions and/or corrections requested by the officials during the review process are included in our package price. We guarantee City and County approvals.

  • Tenant Improvement Projectsvarias 072

Tenant Improvement projects also known as TI, are interior commercial remodeling projects. They include electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and structural but all inside the building shell. They can be a gym, a restaurant or a car wash. We usually take what is there and develop the plans for the commercial space to house the next business.

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