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Planning a Remodel or Addition for your Home? Part II

The End of the Home Design Layout Process

The design process in my opinion is the most delicate part of any project. Homeowners often get side tracked and change their minds completely in the middle of the process which is understandable since the design decisions they have to make are ‘permanent’ once they get a permit. But in reality, if you are clear about what you need in terms of rooms and you can picture in your mind the flow you want to create for your home, then that is all you need to stay on track.  list-003_opt1

I had a client who came to me countless times during the design process and said to me things like: “My mailman came today and he said that I should take this window out and put a piece of furniture here instead.” Believe it or not, that happens all the time during the design process because it is hard for the homeowners to make up their minds when they have people around them giving them their opinions all the time. Continue reading

Planning a Remodel or Addition for your Home? Part I

The Beginning of the Home Design Layout Process

When you decide to remodel your house or add onto it, you have to plan ahead very carefully. I suggest that you get ideas by looking through magazines and books to make sure you know what you are looking for. Once you know how much room you want to add or remodel, not in terms of square footage but in terms of areas or rooms you want to add or remodel like:  you might want to add a new family room or a new guest bedroom and bath, or you might want to just remodel the kitchen, or add a small breakfast nook. Whatever it is you want, needs to be clear in your mind. Once you achieve that, look for a professional who specializes in residential design in your area.   list-001_opt1

Licensed architects charge high fees and their designs are not necessarily better that those of a residential designer. The truth is, if the architect specializes in commercial or institutional for example or if he/she works in construction litigation cases only, you are better off hiring a college student to prepare your drawings. Continue reading