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How to turn your old house into your Dream Home

When it comes to buying a house, what room seals the deal?

It depends on the size of the house. The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in any house. The kitchen in a small house is perhaps the room people focus on the most when they are ready to buy. As you might have noticed, in every party the kitchen is the only room that is always full of people. I am a firm believer that the kitchen needs to be an open, spacious and bright room because you spend a lot of time there with your family.   new-112_opt1

The Master Suite in bigger houses is the room that most people feel should be the main focus when it comes to buying a house. People look for privacy and when there are kids, having a Master Suite helps a lot.

When you have an extra room that can be used as a Family Room, that gives the house some extra points, more so than having a den. A Family Room adds an area where the kids can watch movies or play away from the adults and where the husband with his friends can watch the game and be loud while the rest of the house can be left alone. Continue reading

What kind of stairs are you allowed to build in your home?

stairs4_opt-300x1641One thing we have to keep in mind is that the Municipal Code plays a big role in the approval of your home design. The stairs are a vital part of your home and we need to remember they do need to comply.

There are standard clearances and dimensions commonly used which are the minimum required by the construction code like tread and riser minimum dimensions, or stair width but one thing people do not know which is worth mentioning here, is the importance of the stair style. Continue reading

Municipal Code Violations – Part II

How complicated are Code Enforcement Cases?

As I described on my previous article about Municipal Code Violations, according to the Municipal Code, a code violation is anything that threatens public safety and/or the living and working environment. In the case of construction, anything related to remodeling or improving a building without the proper construction permits from the City or County Building Departments constitutes a code violation, even if the home design improvement does not threaten the public in any way. Any home design improvement or construction related change made in any home needs to be submitted at the city for review and approval, no matter who is making the changes or how small they are. For a list of improvements that do not require construction permits click here

Some cases are simple, some are complex but one thing you should know, there is always a way to solve the issues and get approval from the Code Enforcement and Building Departments. That is one of our company’s specialties and even though sometimes it takes a long time and a lot of running around to close a case, there is always a way to find answers on how to fix every violation there is and get a construction permit for the homeowner. Continue reading