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Municipal Code Violations – Part I

What are Municipal Code Violations?

According to the Municipal Code, a code violation is anything that threatens public safety and/or the living and working environment. In the case of construction, anything related to the remodeling or improving of a building without acquiring construction permits through the City or County Building Departments constitutes a code violation, even if it does not threaten the public in any way. Any construction related changes made in any dwelling no matter what size need to be submitted at the city or county of jurisdiction for review and approval, no matter who is making the changes or how small the changes are.   penalty-order_opt1

The Code Enforcement Departments in any city and county are the ones in charge of making sure the public follows the municipal code regulations. In the case of construction, they are in charge of investigating code violations with regards to habitability conditions. For a list of issues enforced by the Code Enforcement Department, click here

Sometimes homes with non-permitted room additions have code violation cases filed against them which remain open until plans for the non-permitted improvement are submitted and approved by the City or County Code Enforcement and Building Departments. Continue reading