To remodel or not to remodel? Part I

Remodeling and adding square footage onto a property increases its value, so just for that reason, homeowners should remodel and add square footage onto their homes whenever possible.

Most people decide to remodel their homes because they need more room or just to make their houses more enjoyable but later on realize the increased resale value. Unfortunately, I have seen houses which were added onto but the addition, instead of increasing the value of the property, really hurt the property. Ex: I once saw a beautiful home in Poway in which the only way to go from the so called “Master Suite” into the yard was through the shower. I never understood what happened there but home design mistakes like that are common and in my opinion, unacceptable.

There are additions that look so different from the original house, whatever style it is, that they make the aesthetics go out the window. Take a look at this photo:

Believe it or not, this  charming little bungalow is  ATTACHED to  the amorphous building next to it. The original house was added onto but the addition has nothing to do with the shape, size or style of the original house. That  decreases the value of a property. The Craftsman Style is such an elegant and formal style. The addition built next to this bungalow is something with no style and really no taste whatsoever. This should never happen.

Or this other house:

pic-0179_opt1The original house had some kind of   Spanish flavor with finishes like stucco and clay tiles but the addition includes wood siding and Craftsman style wood details that have nothing to do with the original house.

My point is, very often when people do not hire a professional, the addition ruins the look and the natural flow of the original house. So if you are thinking about remodeling or adding onto your house, you are better off hiring someone with experience to work on the design layout for you so you can be guided along the way by someone who knows what he/she is doing.

A residential designer, since that is our specialty, can make your idea work nicely with the rest of the house and also make the addition look like part of the original house. So, ask around. There is always someone you know who knows someone who knows someone. It is not hard to find talented residential designers in your area to prepare your home design remodel and/or addition plans for the City. When you find someone, ask for references and to see a portfolio.

To remodel or not to remodel? Part II

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